Treloar’s to host Festival of Sport for children and young people who use wheelchairs


Treloar’s, one of the UK’s leading providers of education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training for disabled young people, has announced that it will host a Festival of Sport over the weekend 21-22 July 2018 for children and young people who use wheelchairs.

Event organiser and former head teacher Harry Dicks said:

The primary purpose is to give these young people opportunities to take part in activities and competitive sport that they so often don’t have. In addition, we aim to help those who discover activities or sports that they enjoy to continue to take part in them when they return to their home area.

A recent survey by WheelPower, the national charity for wheelchair sport, found that wheelchair users were keen to be more involved in sport but faced numerous obstacles.

Among its findings were that:

  • A lack of suitable opportunities (44 per cent of respondents) and lack of accessible venues (39 per cent) were identified as the top two barriers that can prevent wheelchair users from taking part in sport and physical activity.
  • The cost of specialist equipment often needed by wheelchair users to take part in sport remains a significant barrier.
  • More than seven in ten (74 per cent) wheelchair users surveyed said they would like to be more active in the future.
  • Just over half of survey respondents (54 per cent) travel for more than 30 minutes to take part in some form of sport or physical activity.
  • Survey respondents (29 per cent) also highlighted that travelling distance can be a barrier to being more active — indicating a clear need for more local provision of suitable sporting opportunities for wheelchair users.

Dicks said Treloar’s hopes its Festival will encourage more wheelchair users to get involved. ‘There will be two age groups, 11-16 and 16-25, and we will cater for all abilities and needs,’ he stressed.

It is a festival in more ways than one because we hope children and young people and their families will come from all over England and Wales; the participants will stay in the specialist residential accommodation at Treloar’s with their families camping on site. There will also be live bands, a bar and barbecue for the participants and their families on the Saturday evening.

The cost of registration is £100 but there is an ‘early bird’ fee of £80 for those who book by 31 October 2017. Anyone wanting to know more can email or visit the festival website.


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