Mencap survey reveals huge discontent with SEN provision in mainstream UK schools


Two-thirds of UK parents who have a child with a learning disability are not confident that teachers understand how to teach such pupils at their son or daughter’s mainstream school, a Mencap survey reveals.

Mencap conducted a survey of almost 1,000 parents who have a son or daughter with a learning disability in a primary, secondary or further education setting. Parents of children with a learning disability in mainstream education told the charity that:

  • 81 per cent are not fully confident that their son or daughter’s place of education is helping them reach their full potential
  • 65 per cent think the way that the education system works means that their son or daughter receives a poorer education than children without SEN
  • 35 per cent of parents said that teacher training needs to improve

The charity, which supports inclusive education, says that only when mainstream schools provide a good quality of education for all children, will the demand for specialist support in segregated settings.



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