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Special World, from Inclusive Technology, is a free website linking 125,000 special education teachers, speech therapists and occupational therapists in 150 countries. Special World readers and contributors work with children who have additional needs or special educational needs including those with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities.410 Articles

Mick Archer is the Editor of Special World.17 Articles

Sal McKeown is a freelance journalist and author of several books, most recently Brilliant Ideas for using ICT in the Inclusive Classroom. Prior to this she was a lecturer and in the special needs team at Becta, the UK’s former government agency for technology in education.15 Articles

Joan Tanenhaus, MA, CCC, speech-language pathologist/assistive technology specialist, is Founder and Executive Director of Technology for Language and Learning, Inc., a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the use of computers and technology with children and adults with special needs. (e-mail: Articles

Myles Pilling is an ICT SEN specialist with over 30 years’ experience of working in the field of special needs. A former special school teacher and local authority advisor he now runs his own consultancy, AccessAbility Solutions.3 Articles

Lauren Archer is a final year student on the BA Journalism Studies course at the University of Sheffield, England. She was the winner of the Best Reporter and Best News Story categories at the British Student Publications Awards 2014 and is Comment Editor of the student newspaper Forge Press.3 Articles

Sanja Denić is a special educator in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia and co-author of Obrazovanjem do digitalne inkluzije dece sa višestrukim smetnjama u razvoju (Education by digital inclusion of children with profound/multiple disabilities) published by the University of Belgrade.3 Articles

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