Cosmo wins ICT Special Educational Needs solutions award


Cosmo from Filisia Interfaces Ltd has won the 2017 BETT Award for ICT Special Educational Needs solutions.

Cosmo is a set of six smart modular controllers that use dynamic sensors, light up, and can take up multiple colours. They can be placed on a flat surface, attached to walls using conventional velcro strips or be mounted. The controllers connect wirelessly with Cosmo software on a PC, Mac or tablet. Each software module consists of an interactive game or musical exercise designed by therapists, special teachers and artists.

Cosmo’s multi-sensory games work towards achieving skill-based, functional and national curriculum compatible goals. They motivate learners to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills while facilitating learners’ creative expression.

Cosmo also collects data of students’ physical and cognitive abilities and tracks their progress in every session and over time. A Cosmo Exceed package, which consists of six Cosmo units, 10 software activities, a charger, velcro pack and 30-minute, online training session, costs £880.

Cosmo was announced the winner of the ICT Special Educational Needs solutions category at an awards ceremony held in London to coincide with BETT 2017. It was chosen from a shortlist of 10 products that also included:

  • C-Pen – C-Pen Exam Reader.
  • Educater – Educater SEND.
  • GL Assessment – SEN Assessment Toolkit.
  • InfoMentor – InfoMentor.
  • JellyJames Publishing Ltd – Dynamo Maths.
  • Kurzweil Education – Kurzweil 3000.
  • Nessy Learning – Nessy Reading & Spelling.
  • ReadSpeaker – ReadSpeaker TextAid.
  • Texthelp – Read&Write.


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