SuperKeys wins 2016 BETT Award


The winner of the 2016 BETT Award for ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions is SuperKeys from Crick Software

The judges’ decision was announced at an awards ceremony held on 20 January 2016 at The Brewery, London.

SuperKeys, an assistive keyboard originally designed for the iPhone and iPad, was chosen from a shortlist of seven. It enables users who have difficulty with fine motor control or with low vision to accurately type.

It does this by decluttering the conventional keyboard and grouping the remaining 30+ keys into seven clusters. Tap anywhere in a cluster and it expands to take up all of the keyboard space presenting the user with much larger keys to strike.

SuperKeys also includes intelligent word prediction and can be used to type up to 36 phrases with  a simple click via its short-cut key. Users can also customise the display font, the colour and size of the predictor.

Crick Software has increasingly included SuperKeys as an accessibility option with other apps such Clicker Connect and Clicker Docs. More recently it integrated it into Clicker 7, the latest version of its flagship program, which was launched at BETT 2016.


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